• HVAC Humor
    Take a break and laugh a little.
  • A skydiver is plummeting toward the ground and passes a man on his way up from the ground.
    He yells: “Do you know how to open a parachute?”
    The person going up yells: “No! Do you know how to light a pilot?”
    Fear of encountering snakes while crawling through the crawlspace under the house to get to the crawlspace furnace: “A reptile dysfunction.”
  • Why are computers like air conditioners? They quit working properly when you open Windows.
    What goes from 0 to 38 MPH in 1 second?
    A mouse in a 12” diameter, 1075 RPM furnace blower wheel.
  • Why is a drunken fortune teller like an AC?
    Both are called “high SEER”.
    How do you convert an air-source heat pump to a ground-source heat pump?
    Install it in quicksand.